~Stagnation  versus  Innovation~ 

Your business may well have roulette but so do all your competitors. Essentially everyone has the same product and competing in the same market. From a business and profits perspective this is disasterous and a huge problem.

"Market saturation is a situation that arises when the volume of a product or service in a marketplace has been maximized in its current state. At the point of saturation, a company can only achieve further growth through new product improvements, by taking existing market share from competitors or through a rise in overall consumer demand."  investopedia.com.

We are proud to introduce this unique game that provides such a solution. 

Think of the roulette system you currently have and it's capabilities, 
for we guarantee the system below will beat it by a considerable margin.

Play this new multi-roulette system below and judge for yourself.  

Click games below and play demo - Please use Google Chrome / Microsoft edge / Firefox browsers to play
Rollorpoker Rollorpoker - DOUBLE the outside bets!
  • Rollorpoker is slick and expansive, possessing more than DOUBLE the outside bets of standard roulette. 
  • It possesses bets that are impossible on standard roulette including
  • 3 New Facecard dozen bets and New Crossover bets.
  • With more play/bets and more choice the game of roulette is greatly enhanced. With the added appeal of playing cards the game has alluring qualities it has a new but familiar aesthetic .
  • This new game could be a valuable addition to your portfolio and enable you to offer your customers a distinct and unique product. 
  •  Further enhanced by its revolutionary Multi-game feature :
  • This game can be played at the same time with its other sister games. This is a first too - different games played simultaneously off the one spin of a shared wheel. 
                           Play 'Rushin Roulette' below.              
Rushin Roulette - The FASTEST Roulette EVER !

Experience the FASTEST Roulette ever.
Rushin Roulette is the sister of Rollorpoker Main Game above. 
Rushin roulette is the first to condense all available bets into a single column and thereby enables betting for players in a quickfire manner. 
Rushin roulette by design is the FASTEST roulette ever.
Again if that were not enough players can choose to play Rushin Roulette on its own or play it and Rollorpoker at the same time off the same spin !!! This dual functionality is truly unprecedented in the history of casinos.

All the odds and returns assocaited with roulette are retained. 
The house edge too is exactly the same and players and casinos stay well within their comfort zone.

 Rollorpoker Blackjack and Poker

Our intellectual property offers fluid gaming like no other, 
allowing players for the first time to play not only a more expansive roulette 
but players can also play Blackjack hands too. 
Game play and choice is further enhanced as players can also play Poker hands. 
The variations and choices of bets with this multi-game go up exponentially.
Furthermore all these games can be selected and played simultaneously! 
All thses games from the spin of just one shared wheel....and what is it up against ? - the one single game of standard roulette with its 6 outside bets that is now made to look quite feeble.

We hope you get a sense and agree that this mulit-game isn't just superior to standard roulette 
it is clearly vastly superior in every department. From the mathematical solution has emerged a game 
with unrivalled versatility, greater choice and enhanced play. 

With that said we hope you can appreciate that our IP can make a real difference to your business prospects.

The Gambling Commission has permitted this game to be offered to UK casinos.Feel free to contact us if you are interested in licensing or developing our IP.

  By combining playing cards with roulette this invention enables the
  expansion of roulette in a manner which previously would have been inconceivable.
  A new mulitfaceted roulette has emerged and its strengths go beyond all expectations. 
  This revolutionary roulette game looks and plays exactly like roulette. 
  With the same number of pockets on the wheel the game. 

This flexible game is well suited for all popular multimedia platforms
 - mobile/tablet/online gaming/B&M casinos/live gaming/television/consoles etc.

The attempts to fuse playing cards and roulette have always been foiled by the many complex mathematical barriers that that stand in the way, this invention is the first to do so

A simple 'Google' search for roulette wheels with playing cards will confirm our claim that this is a WORLD FIRST
We hope this will convey to you how unique this invention is and the size of the opportunity it presents.

ROLLORPOKER is truly unique, versatile and dynamic. 

Customers who like to play Roulette or Blackjack or Poker are drawn to this game.

~ Thank you & welcome to ROLLORPOKER © ~