MORE Bets  x 2.

15 OUTSIDE BETS  compared to just 6 on a standard Roulette table

Introducing ROLLORPOKER ® the revolutionary casino game with more than DOUBLE the outside bets of traditional roulette. 

ROLLORPOKER retains the same inside bets and odds as roulette, a feat never achieved since roulette was invented in 1655 over 360 years ago. 

ROLLORPOKER is vastly superior but incredibly plays the same. Unbelievably ROLLORPOKER does another world first and unites Roulette, Poker and Blackjack in a manner never achieved to date, thus offering a wealth of business opportunities. 


This game is unprecedented in the history of casino's and you could be one of the first to acquire it. There is no need for you to replace or buy new equipment as your existing Roulette tables with little extra cost require nothing more than a simple modification to the wheel numbers and the table layout. 

Your electronic roulette versions serve as templates to be adapted to this all encompassing game. In short, this is a very unique business opportunity for any forward thinking company. 

Even to the casual observer ROLLORPOKER's superiority over Roulette is obvious. In every sense, existing roulette systems are about to be completely out gunned, the strengths of this game cannot be overstated and we invite you to read on and judge for yourself.  


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