This invention achieves what no one has managed to do 

in over 360 years. The strengths of this mulit-game cannot be overstated.

(The screen shot below shows 2 NEW roulette games played simultaneously off the same win )

Double the excitement 
of ALL other roulette.

Rollorpoker allows for the first time players to play 
Two different games 
off the one spin of the same wheel !

Reducing your costs + overheads

This multi-game is so versatile players can switch between
Roulette with Double the Outside bets * Fastest Roulette ever * Roulette with Blackjack 
 * Roulette with Poker 

Why do you need this game for your business?

Answer: Roulette has reached a point of market saturation.
"Market saturation is a situation that arises when the volume of a product or service in a marketplace has been maximized in its current state. At the point of saturation, a company can only achieve further growth through new product improvements, by taking existing market share from competitors or through a rise in overall consumer demand."

We can provide brand New state of the art Casino Class Wheels with our elegant configuration.

ROLLORPOKER  is ideally suited for 'Live Gaming'. 

Why not offer this superior roulette game to your customers? 
It's new and strikingly different. 
With its appealing aesthetic, exciting game play and more expansive table it beats all other roulette systems on the market and simply puts your competition truly in the shade. 
It offers you a clear and unique opportunity to not only corner the market; it also provides your customers with an exciting alternative and a valuable addition to your catalogue.

Intro offers/special offers/rewards schemes and price wars are factors that can have a negative affect on your businesses profits.  Almost invariably there will be times your competitors will have more appealing rewards and benefits. 
Consequently you will continuously haemorrhage customers to your competitors and have to resort again and again 
to using similar schemes to try and get customers back etc.
Customer retention/loyalty is not assured as it's the reward schemes themselves that remain the focus of many customers/players. Your roulette is practically the same as your competitors - why would they stay with you ? 
Answer: they won't and don't.
Customers therefore become nomadic. With very little other than further bonuses/rewards schemes to entice them back  .. you are at the mercy of a volatile unpredictable market. Break the vicious cycle.
Providing a game that your competitors don't have is a means of stopping the rot ! 
Rollorpoker at least offers greater prospects of solving this customer retention problem. 
By providing this new unique powerful multi-game customers have a reason to come back.

If roulette is a market your business operates in you will be more than aware it is at saturation point. 

This adversely effects your business in terms of profit / growth, user retention etc. Rollorpoker offers a unique solution to this problem.

 No one has come close to the power of this game.

The Gambling Commission has permitted this game to be offered to UK casinos.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in licensing or developing our IP.