We can provide brand New state of the art Casino Class Wheels with our elegant configuration made by Cammegh.

ROLLORPOKER  is ideally suited for 'Live Gaming'. 
Why not offer this superior roulette game to your customers? 
It's new and strikingly different. 
With its appealing aesthetic, exciting game play and more expansive table it beats all other roulette systems on the market and simply puts your competition truly in the shade. 
It offers you a clear and unique opportunity to not only corner the market; it also provides your customers with an exciting alternative and a valuable addition to your catalogue.

Ask yourself: EVERY casino offers the same old, same old roulette what separates you from the competition?
Has anyone else in the industry really got a roulette alternative?

Our game can change that and truly make your business stand out.
Think of all those sites, all those casinos all over the world and yet no one has come close to the power of this game.

The Gambling Commission has permitted this game to be offered to UK casinos.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in licensing or developing our IP.