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Rushin Roulette - Fastest Roulette ever

ROLLORPOKER's revolutionary design also enables players to bet on the same 36 options in a new easier, compact and revolutionary manner. This new Multibet game is called Rushin Roulette. The layout is effectively a condensed table impossible to do in standard roulette and only made possible due to the unique card combination employed in ROLLORPOKER ®The grouping of cards into pairings or collective suits provides more rapid game play, for this reason Rushin Roulette is now arguably the fastest roulette game there is.

In short, Rushin Roulette can be played:

  • As a stand alone table/game in it's own right (as demonstrated in the photo below).
  • or simultaneously with ROLLORPOKER (as additional side bet options and thereby expanding ROLLORPOKER roulette even further).
  • and/or played simultaneously with the other new game options of Blackjack or Poker.

The individual zones are clearly demarcated and the respective odds are visible and obvious for ease of play and thus increases the efficiency for return calculation. Even though ALL thirty six numbers/cards are covered there are only four returns possible. In all this makes for a very easy, compact and fast game suitable for B&M casinos, iGaming, apps etc.


The table is self explanatory and those familiar with roulette instantly take to it. 

Even the most inexperienced player requires little instruction e.g. place your bet in any column, minimum bet £5/$5/€5 the odds are stated in each column. If the winning card is generated by the next spin of the wheel you will receive your winnings according to the odds stated.


Likewise croupiers practically require No training for this game for it is far simpler than traditional roulette and croupier feedback consistently indicates it's the easiest and quickest roulette table for them to manage. Everyone knows time is money and time is saved with Rushin Roulette.

 Importantly the house advantage and odds are again retained and respected (they remain exactly the same as roulette) so casinos and players recognise and identify with the game. Rushin Roulette for all of the above reasons remains firmly in the player's comfort zone and offers casinos a valuable addition to the table games they have on offer.

The game has been tested by NMi Gaming.

In terms of functionality how does Rushin Roulette compare to roulette?
Total Gaming Science "Mathematically speaking, the two games are functionally equivalent".