Roulette has remained unchanged since 1655 ... until now! 

Infinite Possibilities

The table has the following NEW outside bets on offer:

·         Double Suit Cross Bet or Cross Over bet . TWO completely NEW BETS that allow players to bet on  
          non adjacent suits, these suits are on opposite halves of the grid, impossible on standard roulette.

·         Red (Diamonds/Hearts) or Black (Clubs/Spades): a bet on which colour the winning card (or cards
          indicia) will be.

·         ‘Hi’ and ‘Lo’ – Lo ‘Ace to 8’s’ bet. Completely NEW BET. This bet covers card values between Ace                    and 8  

·         Also available is the Completely NEW BET Hi ‘9 to Kings’  - this bet covers any card value between a 9
          and King.  

·         Dozen Bets: a bet on the first group/dozen cards or cards indicia or second dozen or third dozen.

·         Face Card dozen:  Again a Completely NEW BET. With this bet the player is betting that the winning
          card value (or cards indicia) will be a face card i.e. any King, Queen or Jack card.

·         Odd DozenAgain a Completely NEW BET. The cards for ‘Odd’ are 3, 5, 7 and 9 all of which are                      paired and there are also the four ‘Aces’ of each suit making a total of 12 cards.

·         Even DozenOnce more a Completely NEW BET.. The cards for ‘Even’ are  2, 4, 6 and 8 all of which
          are paired and there are also the four ‘Tens’ of each suit making a total of 12 cards.

·         Column Bets (Note how it preserves the '12' out of '36' dozen format and provides the same return as                 traditional Roulette)

·         SINGLE Suit (diamonds/clubs/spades/hearts): FOUR Completely NEW BETS. All four suits are
          available and each suit has ‘9’ cards (or cards indicia) available for selection on the ‘Main Card Grid’.

·         Double Suit Bet –  this NEW BET represents a Diamonds & Clubs bet which effectively covers the first
          18 cards.

·         Double Suit Bet - NEW BET Spades/Hearts (2nd 18 cards) bet covers the last eighteen cards.

·         It also has a NEW MULTIBET ZONE/Rushin Roulette not demonstrated on the diagram above.

Furthermore the game of ROLLORPOKER ® has incorporated and offers Poker type games and Blackjack type games where players can bet on Blackjack type hands and or Poker hands being produced on successive spins of the wheel. So not only has the game of roulette itself been improved, the game also is infinitely expanded and introduces many new playing card type games.


The '3' Biggest casino games in history ROULETTE, BLACKJACK & POKER in ONE GAME!

... Same Odds ... MORE Bets!