The story of 'Roulextra' began with an observation at a B&M casino and the realisation that roulette featured just numbers and yet on the adjacent tables various card games were being played with some of these numbers. It was noted that roulette and cards also shared a common feature namely they both had 'red and black' the idea of combining these games began ...

Now the scale of the problem of incorporating cards into roulette is not apparent from the outset. However, the enormity of the task and the incompatibility of the two when one tries to amalgamate them is absolutely staggering!

After what seemed like eons the problem was finally overcome and the invention finally took shape. Just like any good solution, once you see it, it is both simple and elegant - you'll wonder why has this never been done?

From prior art searches and independent confirmation the games uniqueness was/is very clear. On that basis we set about forming a small independent company with the primary goal of bringing this revolutionary game to market.

If you are familiar with Roulette (& Blackjack/Poker) our websites content should convey to you the strengths, appeal and potential of the IP as it is very much self-evident.

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