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RouleXtra ~ A simple addition to Roulette that provides more choice & more play.

A simple addition to Roulette that provides more choice & more play.

Roulextra introduces a new middle 18 bet (10-27).

Roulextra is not just a new outside bet it is an improvement to roulette itself.

This extra zone has a number of advantages :

  • Expands play - This extra betting zone increases the outside zones from 12 to 13 an increase of 8.33%.
  • Respects existing odds and house edge (with such a modest change, it ensures both players and the 'House' remain firmly in their comfort zone).
  • Visibly superior to existing tables – more likely to attract custom. Superior to the vast majority of competitors who just provide standard roulette.
  • Practically no training is required for it is a very simple and subtle addition. The design and placement of the additional zone ensures players and croupiers intuitively know how to play this extra zone.
  • The new zone does not detract from the game, it blends with and compliments the existing layout. It is unobtrusive and ensures the essence of roulette is fully retained.
  • Little or no extra cost.
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Roulextra has been independently tested by Total Gaming Science (TGS).

TGS's mathematical analysis report confirms RTP % and House Edge as 2.7% for single zero and 5.26% for double zero.

International Design Number DM100029

If you would like Roulextra cloths for your tables we can provide bespoke casino class cloths made to your specifications.

No alterations required for the roulette wheel or display boards.