Play 'Roulextra' (Please use Google Chrome / Microsoft edge / Firefox browsers to play)

'Roulextra' is an enhancement of roulette and a simple addition to the Roulextra portfolio that introduces 6 new outside bets.

This extra zone provides a number of advantages :

  • Expanded play - Increases the outside zones from 6 to 12. Instantly DOUBLES the selections for players to choose from.

  • A new aesthetic appeal with suits available for selection. It is roulette with a 'twist' now you can play that 'Diamond' or capture that 'Heart'!

  • More choice + more play = more excitement + more appealing.

  • Respects existing odds and house edge. Stays exactly the same at 2.7% (5.26% Amercian Wheel).

  • Visibly superior to existing tables.

  • The new zones blend with and compliment the existing layout. The essence of roulette is fully retained, players and croupiers intuitively know how to play this extra zone.

'Roulextra' is not just a new outside bet it is a rare radical improvement to roulette itself. In many ways it is the first natural evolution of roulette.

If given the choice between playing standard roulette or Roulextra. There is NO reason why any player would choose standard roulette - what would you choose to play?

If you are a business, why not save money and acquire Roulextra. Eliminate R&D costs, analysis costs and valuable time spent trying to develop a new game. Instantly improve all your existing roulette systems and give your company a competitive edge.

Intellectual property design protection in place for both Europe and the United States (Nº 006261095-0001 + International design reg Nº DM/203 889 )

Roulextra has been mathematically tested by Total Gaming Science . Report below.

We have been given permission by the Gambling Commission to offer Roulextra to operators here in the UK


Roulextra offers a very simple but exciting opportunity for progressive bets based on suit colours determined by the wheel.(Not an RNG which would give players comfort as what has been spun happens right before their eyes).

Win with a Flush ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


We can provide bespoke casino class cloths made to your specifications for 'Roulextra'.

No alterations required for the roulette wheel or display boards.

Roulextra Report abbreviated.pdf

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