Advantages over Roulette

This invention supersedes traditional roulette as it is superior in all respects. Here are just some of ROLLORPOKER's many advantages :-

  • This IP has countless more betting opportunities whilst uniquely preserving the vast majority of traditional type bets available and retaining the same odds/returns. The inside bets of ROLLORPOKER are exactly same odds as standard roulette.
  • ROLLORPOKER has in total 21 Outside bets compared to just 12 on a standard roulette table.
  • ROLLORPOKER is adaptable – it can be played in isolation or together with various other sub games e.g. A player can place roulette bets for example a Straight up bet and an Outside dozen bet together with perhaps a Blackjack bet and/or Poker straight bet all at the same time.
  • ROLLORPOKER has numerous Poker and Blackjack type games which brings these games of mass appeal together - matchless game excitement. It is new and exciting, familiar yet fresh.
  • The games it incorporates compliment and enhance Roulette. ROLLORPOKER in it's entirety compliments existing games.
  • ROLLORPOKER thereby potentially is more appealing to a far wider market and therefore capable of generating greater revenue.
  • ROLLORPOKER appeals to players as it is in a recognisable format with familiar bets and returns but also importantly the same house advantage is maintained, which appeals to operators and is palatable for players.
  • Casinos and poker rooms both B&M and online, may be intimidating for novice players. ROLLORPOKER introduces novices to Poker hands with a game that is very ‘user friendly’ and is familiar to them.
  • ROLLORPOKER game play is very simple and both players' croupiers etc understand the game with ease (no training issues).
  • ROLLORPOKER is simpler than Poker. In turn players may in time play Poker too which they otherwise would not have done – therefore increasing revenue.
  • By providing this new game you will offer your customers who have an affinity for poker an alternative that appeals to them and further assists in generating profit.
  • Speed of play for ROLLORPOKER is superior to actual poker as players are not waiting on hands therefore potentially players will play more – increased profits.
  • Speed of play is also greatly enhanced with the Rushin Roulette playing zone of ROLLORPOKER (in particular with B&M) as the 36 grid zone is effectively condensed into a single column with odds/returns clear for players and croupiers alike and enables the croupier to clear the table faster. Therefore less time, faster play, potentially increased profits. Rushin Roulette is the fastest 'true' roulette (retaining 37/38 pocket wheel) EVER.
  • ROLLORPOKER serves as an introduction and to a degree trainer for novices and players unfamiliar with Blackjack. In turn players may in time play Blackjack too, which they otherwise would not have done – therefore again increasing revenue. It allows players to learn and gain confidence with ease. Its ‘user/player friendly’. Simpler than Blackjack. Provides Blackjack players with an alternative.
  • Speed of play for ROLLORPOKER is superior to actual Blackjack as players are not waiting on hands or pondering on to 'stand/hit' etc so therefore potentially players will play more – increased profits.
  • Online venues can be vulnerable to certain types of fraud, especially collusion between poker players. For this new game such practice is eliminated leading to greater confidence for both you and your customers.

ROLLORPOKER ® will be a brand new game in casinos that has mass appeal. With all the above said it speaks for its self in terms of marketability; It ventures into un-tapped markets, a vast potential base is there to be opened up.

... Same Odds ... MORE Bets!