Play 'Rollorpoker Roulette'

Rollorpoker Rollorpoker - DOUBLE the outside bets!

Play 'Rushin Roulette'

Rushin Roulette - The FASTEST Roulette EVER !

Rollorpoker is slick and expansive, possessing more than DOUBLE the outside bets of standard roulette.

With 3 New Facecard dozen bets and New Crossover bets (impossible on standard roulette).

This new game has 15 Outside bets, standard roulette only has 6 !

This feature is truly unprecedented in the history of casinos.

Experience the FASTEST Roulette ever.

Rushin Roulette is the smaller sister of Rollorpoker Main Game, she too has a few surprises of her own. Rushin Roulette is the first to condense all available bets into a single column and thereby enables betting for players in a quickfire manner. Standard roulette cannot perform this feat. Rushin Roulette by design is the FASTEST roulette ever.

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All the odds and returns associated with this dynamic multi-game are retained. The house edge too is preserved and players and casinos stay well within their comfort zone.

Coming soon ~ Rollorpoker Blackjack and Poker

This flexible game is well suited for all popular multimedia platforms

- mobile/tablet/online gaming/B&M casinos/live gaming/television/consoles etc.

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The Gambling Commission has permitted this game to be offered to UK casinos.

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