This invention achieves what no one has managed to do in over 360 years. The strengths of this mulit-game cannot be overstated - 2 NEW roulette games played simultaneously off the same win !

We can provide brand New state of the art Casino Class Wheels with our elegant configuration.

This multi-game is so versatile players can switch between

* Roulette with Double the outside bets

* Fastest Roulette ever

* Roulette with Blackjack

* Roulette with Poker

It's new and strikingly different. With its appealing aesthetic, exciting game play and more expansive table it beats all other roulette.

Nothing comes close to the power of this game.

The Gambling Commission has permitted this game to be offered to UK casinos.

Double the excitement

Roulextra allows for the first time players to play

Two different games off the one spin of the same wheel !

Please note that the House edge and all associated odds for ALL games featured are exactly the same as standard roulette.