Roulette + Blackjack + Poker

~ An absolute World First! Play Blackjack on Roulette ~

Blackjack elements of ROLLORPOKER ®.

Players can now play these new exciting Blackjack games whilst also playing Roulette! This revolutionary game offers rapid play, ease of play and is universally appealing to both players and casinos alike. Royal Roulextra is truly groundbreaking and a world's first!

In summary, Royal Roulextra is the first ever casino game that blends elements of all the most popular casino games in history, bringing with it mass appeal and followers of Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and a multitude of card games.

All of these are detailed in the publication at WIPO we encourage you to examine the documentation as the descriptions on this site are not fully exhaustive. The new games and bets are incorporated and played in conjunction with the table layout or separately using the associated Roulextra roulette wheel.

ALL of the following have been created and can now be played too:

  • ‘Blackjack Standard’
  • ‘Blackjack Kings & Aces’
  • ‘Blackjack Aces & Faces’
  • ‘Blackjack Aces & Tens’
  • ‘21 Blackjack’
  • ‘17-21 Blackjack’

  • 'Royal Flush'
  • ‘Flush zone’
  • ‘Royal Straight’
  • Paired of a Kind’
  • '2 of a Kind '
  • '4 of a Kind '
  • Universal Paired of a Kind’
  • ‘Universal Tens, Faces & Aces Kind’
  • ‘Full House’
  • ‘Face Card Flushes’
  • ‘Face Card Straight’